Interesting web sites

IDC member Carol Wang has also an interesting site on a subject that is not totally unrelated to draped clothes: Chinese knotting... Worth a visit:

About the Burning Man Festival:

Revere Collection: Judith Content
A gallery of Judith Content's arashi shibori/bomaki scarves and decorations.
A very interesting site that asks the question: why are Western men stuck with trousers? Why not kilts? Why not have a choice (like women do...)?

See this web site for a project on “saris for peace”, somewhat related to the “Burning Man”:

Potomac Crafstmen Guild: Women of a US crafting guild study Indian sari wrapping. Interesting...

This is a link to a site with kilts. Try the “It’s a guy thing” button. It might interest some readers, though its not truly just a drape.

Both links are of photo albums from the same Sikh wedding ceremony (I believe in Canada). There are only a couple of shots in each of turban wrapping, but what interested IDC member Ned was more is the visual record of a Sikh ceremony:

Fashion and politics in India:
"Sari makes way for salwar in House", by Aasha Khosa, in the Indian Express.