Web sites on other Asian drapes: 

Site on IDC member Dr. Steinmayer's research on Borneo loincloth: http://www.ikanlundu.com/

How to drape sarongs, drawings showing several styles: http://www.idcw.org.uk/sarongs.html

About the "langota", the Indian loin-cloth, check newsletter 21: http://www.idcw.org.uk/News/news21.html

Web site with VERY interesting old photographs of costumes, including saris. This shows how it was worn in past times. Highly recommended:

Web site about scarves and sarongs, showing different ways to wrap them:

This site is a source to purchase authentic Javanese Kain Panjung wrap garment cloths (commonly, although inaccurately known as sarongs). They are good quality, and reasonably priced.
The home page URL is: "http://www.ethnicarts.com"
Select the "Textiles" option, then look for the particular cloth of interest. You will see "Batik Cotton Vintage Cap sarongs", the "Batik Cotton Tulis sarongs", and the "Batik Cotton Printed sarongs". Even though they are described as "sarongs", they are in fact mostly open waist wrap cloths (some of the cap cloths are actually sarungs - see last page).