Web sites about African drapes:

An absolutely fascinating Algerian drape (used for dancing):
It also shows how to do the drape in great detail.

Kente cloth introduction - http://www.pbs.org/wonders/Episodes/Epi3/3_cultr2.htm

Kente cloth video clip - http://www.pbs.org/wonders/Episodes/Epi3/3_cult2a.htm

How to drape Kente cloth: http://www.si.edu/nmafa/exhibits/kente/how2.htm

Hassan Ali's History of the Kanga
The Kanga is an African shawl with many uses. Learn about it here :)

Kanga USA
A shop that sells kangas, with images and instructions for the many ways of wearing and decorating with a kanga.
Direct link to "how to tie" page: http://www.kangausa.com/howtotie.htm

Adire African Textiles: http://www.adire.clara.net
Explores the textile traditions of Africa and sells African textiles.

What is a “kikoy”? Obviously a kind a cloth meant to be draped. It’s from East Africa and proves that there are many great drapes in that part of the world. Have a look at the site:

African skirts and headwraps
Commercial site selling cloth and showing how to tie.