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Newsletter 4, January/February 2000


1. news

2. Happy New Millennium!
3. choose a logo: almost unanimous
4. welcome to new members
5. on TV in Great Britain!
6. doing anything in March?
7. reaching out...
8. a personal note from Chantal

1. News:

*** We are about 100 members! It's a nice round number, but we could be more... Let all try to bring at least 1 new member each... see § 4 and 7.

*** A new TV channel, Channel East, filmed a 1 hour documentary on how to drape saris, with the help of some of our members in London. See § 5 for more...

*** If you know or participate in an event, web site, etc. connected with draping, please let us know. This "news" feature is yours!

2. Happy New Millennium!

Hopefully we entered a new era which will see the interest in draped clothes rising. IDC wishes you all a great New year!
If you went to new year parties wearing draped clothes and have some pictures, we would be happy if you shared some with us!

3. Choose a logo: almost unanimous

It is time to choose between the logos designed Samantha Goh. So far, almost all of the Emails I got were in favour of logo 1, which was thought to best evoke wrapping. The final decision will be taken at the end of this month, so you still have a few days to vote, if you haven't done it already!

4. Welcome to new members:

We recently had several interesting new members joining us, including many research members. We **finally** have a member researching African drapes, and I hope this will push more to join.

To all the new members: welcome! The task in front of us is HUGE, and draped clothes need you.

5. On TV in Great Britain!

Channel East, a new TV channel in Great Britain, is currently making a 1 hour documentary on draped clothes, with the help of some of IDC's London members. We were filmed and now we eagerly wait to see the result. It should be shown in April, after which we will get tapes. We hope it will be as fun much to watch as it was to film!
We especially would like to thank the producer of this program, Hulya Ozturk, as well as the places we used as location: the Victoria and Albert Museum and London's American School (where we had a great workshop thanks to IDC member Sandhya Jois).

6. Doing anything in March?

If you live not too far from Montreal, you will be able to see the exhibition "The Indian Sari, draping Bodies, Revealing Lives". If interested, please let us know, and we will send you all the details.

7. Reaching out...

The more people we are, the more weight IDC carries and the easier it is to promote draped clothes. It is also important that people interested in draped clothes join us, so that we can share our knowledge.
I know that many members who appear as individual are in fact couples of families... Many we should have a family membership... What do you think?

8. A personal note from Chantal:

Again I had a very busy month. I am still unpacking and fixing my new house, that is why this newsletter is late, and will do February as well. The filming of Channel East's documentary also took some of time, but it was a good occasion to see again some enthusiastic and active members of IDC. Thank you for your support and help.
I will now work on registering IDC as a charity here in the U.K., and I started a (yet VERY) modest library with books on draping techniques. So far I have... 1 book and 1 article... Since IDC has no budget for acquiring books, we hope to get donations. There will be more about this in our next newsletter.

Best wishes!

Please do not hesitate to send any question, suggestion, criticism.
If you have some links to suggest, please let us know!
If you wish to write something for the newsletter, please do so and Email it to <>.

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