Newsletter 26 - April 2002

1. news
2. new links
3. contributions needed
4. a personal note from Chantal

1. NEWS:

*** Please note that the name of the “front page” of the web library has been changed, so if you had bookmarked it and it doesn’t work anymore, use the link below and change your bookmark. Thank you.
Web Library:

*** If you know or participate in an event, web site, etc. connected with draping, please let us know. This “news” feature is yours!

Karen Nooruddin reacted to the previous newsletter which had pictures of hijabs and sent us the following Email, with links which are, for most sites, providing links to a large number of URLs on Muslim dress (draped or stitched):

There are lots of links to historical or costume sites and includes several links to information about Muslim women wearing modest forms of the Sari.

There is a TON of links about various traditional garb on this page:

(Check out the Women's headdresses in Traditional Turkish folklore, for example)

This page has some somewhat distorted images, but lots of different styles from around the world, different ways of draping and wrapping outer clothing. If you click on the flags, you get a page of photos of traditional clothing from those countries.

Ah... here is the one - I found it! This has a better grouping of the pics:


P.S. I would be very grateful if someone would go through all these sites available from these URLs and sort out which ones are about draped clothes and which are stitched... The sites suggested by Karen will be in our Web Library under “general costume sites”, but it would be nice to find out in detail which ones are relevant to us (please remember to note the web pages with costumes WITHOUT STITCHES only). Please reply to: <>.


This newsletter would not be interesting without your contributions. Spring is coming and we are busy trying out new drapes... but please still find some time to share with the rest of us your tips, information, thoughts, experience, etc... Please take a little time to share information or reflection with all of us!
Please send your articles to: <>


I especially need contributions since I will be rather busy in April and May, due to our wedding (Peter and I) which will happen on May the 4th. I will of course be wearing a sari, but Peter will have a stitched Indian “Nehru” costume.
India’s clothing is becoming very popular these days, let’s hope that saris will receive some attention.
Best wishes!

Please do not hesitate to send any question, suggestion, criticism.
If you have some links to suggest, please let us know!
If you wish to write something for the newsletter, please do so and Email it to <>.

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