Newsletter 19 - July 2001

1. news
2. about a Moroccan turban
3. IDC campaign news
4. IDC members around the world
5. a personal note from Chantal

1. News:

*** No news this month...

*** If you know or participate in an event, web site, etc. connected with draping, please let us know. This “news” feature is yours!

2. About a Moroccan turban

One of our members drew attention to an Adobe PDF file in German which shows how to drape a male turban (he also suggested many interesting sites added to the egroup's bookmarks and our Web Library). We contacted the author of the file, Ansgar Stein, from Germany, who has allowed us to make the file accessible to IDC. You can find it in our egroup:
under “Files”. Although it is in German, good pictures make it easy to follow for anyone.
Here is what Ansgar Stein says about the turban and the file:
“I was taught to (drape/wrap) the turban from a friend from Morocco. Actually he taught me a few ways, but I found this one the most suitable. I made the turban instructions for my girlfriend two years ago as I decided to wear it as every day clothing...”

If you wan to have a look at Angsar Stein wearing his turban during various occasions, here are the links:

3. IDC campaign: free books for educational institutions

We still have some free books for educational institutions. We have somewhat modified the conditions: from now on, the books will only be sent directly to an institution that teaches either fashion, textile arts, archeology or anthropology.
If you know an institution which might benefit from our offer, the best is to contact them directly. One of our member showed her copy of the book to the librarian of her University, who agreed to pay the $10 to have it sent. This is probably the best way to go.
To make it easier, we have added some web pages about the campaign:

ANY SUGGESTION WELCOME. For your offers and suggestions, please get in touch with:

4. IDC in 2 new countries

Last month we welcomed our first members from Spain and Portugal.
There are now IDC members in 27 countries! Here is how we are spread all over the world (numbers are slightly approximate because some members do not give their address, and this does not count those who receive our newsletter but are not registered members):
The country most represented is without contest the USA with 150 IDC members.
Next comes India with 20 members and Great Britain with 15.
Countries with a few members: Malaysia (8), Canada (7), France (6), Singapore (4), Australia, China (Hong-Kong), Holland, Mexico and Belgium (3), Sweden and Japan (2).
Countries with only 1 member: New Zealand, Russia, Norway, Latvia, Croatia, Israel, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Tobago (West Indies).

5. A personal note from Chantal:

The weather is perfect for most of us in the Western Hemisphere to wear draped clothes! I hope you are all enjoying it.
Please do send what you think and what is your experience of draped clothes. I know it is summer and the last thing you want to do is sit in front of a computer, but it is important to share information and keep working at saving the art of draped clothes.

Thank you for your help and support.

Best wishes!

Please do not hesitate to send any question, suggestion, criticism.
If you have some links to suggest, please let us know!
If you wish to write something for the newsletter, please do so and Email it to <>.

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