Newsletter 14 - March 2001

1. news
2. going to Yahoo egroups
3. a show about saris
4. free books for educational institutions
5. wearing a sari at work...
6. a personal note from Chantal

1. News:

*** We changed the way of sending our newsletters! See § 2.

*** A presentation of regional sari styles was done on November 11th, 2000, at the Akbar restaurant, in New Jersey, as part of the Ilankai Tamil Sangam Annual General Meeting. See § 3.

*** If you know or participate in an event, web site, etc. connected with draping, please let us know. This “news” feature is yours!

2. Going to Yahoo egroups:

Some IDC members have had a great difficulty joining “smartgroups”, through which we distributed this newsletter. Some could not register at all (and some were still in limbo). This is why we moved to Yahoo’s “egroups”, in which you don’t need to register at all (we just add your email to the list getting our newsletter). If at any point you wish to stop receiving our newsletter, a simple “unsubscribe” email is all it takes. The full instructions are at the bottom of this newsletter, as will be on every newsletter.


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3. A show about saris:

We were informed by Ms Mala Kadar that a presentation of regional sari styles was done on November 11th, 2000, at the Akbar restaurant, in New Jersey, as part of the Ilankai Tamil Sangam Annual General Meeting.
Staged like a fashion show, women displayed many different drapes, based on the book “Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping”, which meant that a large number of styles were shown, including lesser known tribal saris.
We are very happy to hear about such events and send our congratulations to the Ilankai Tamil Sangam.

4. IDC campaign: free books for educational institutions

In order to reach out and give an idea of the variety of draped clothes techniques, Chantal Boulanger has donated a large number of copies of her book “Saris: An Illustrated Guide to the Indian Art of Draping” to IDC. These are meant to be given free to educational institutions such as art schools, textile and costumes schools, universities, etc.
So we have the books, the first problem is now to determine the appropriate institutions to which we should give them. The books will be given with a copy of our press release and a letter explaining the importance of draped clothes techniques, their study and research.
The second problem is postage. These books are currently in London. For most (a few can be delivered by hand), they will have to be sent out, and the cost of sending 1 book and related material to the USA is US$ 10. Unfortunately, since we have no budget at present, we cannot cover these costs.
If you know such an institution which would benefit from receiving this package, please let us know. If you agree to pay or help with postage, this would be indicated on the letter (unless you request otherwise). The books are there. Anything you can do to have them distributed appropriately will be considered.
For your offers and suggestions, please get in touch with:

5. Wearing a sari at work
(from an Email sent to IDC by Marceline C. Paul)

I stumbled unto your web site. I am 44 years old. I was born on the island of Trinidad & Tobago. I presently live in Alexandria, VA, U.S.A. I've only just recently started wearing my sari to work (every Friday while everyone is dressing down). Why you ask. My father is of Indian decent and I grow up around the culture but was not educated about the culture. I have 2 daughters, 19 & 7 respectively, I wanted them to know I am proud of who I am.
It was an absolute pleasure finding your site, there's so much I have to learn about my heritage. I decided I would start(since Oct '00) by wearing my saree every Friday. I work for a VERY, VERY conservative organization. The Indian women I work with have been schooling me on how I should wear my saree, and they (Indian men & women) so look forward to seeing me in my saree every Friday. Your site gives me more history. I thank you.

6. A personal note from Chantal:

Well, we had a calm February, not much to report. There is a lot of work to be done and I urge all those who can to help. I also hope for some contributions. We are now a lot of members, and I am sure that some of you have things to share about drapes!

Thank you for your help and support.

Best wishes!

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