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Newsletter 13 , December 2000


1. news
2. a personal note from Chantal

1. News:

*** If you know or participate in an event, web site, etc. connected with draping, please let us know. This "news" feature is yours!

2. A personal note from Chantal:

Well, it's already December and I didn't see it coming! November was a very busy month for me, with several engagements and media interviews. Now things have calmed down and everybody seems more busy with what to buy loved ones for the holiday season than draped clothes...
Some of you may have noticed that I am working on our web site, which is slowly changing. The "related links" have become the "web library", and I hope to really improve that part, because of the resources it offers.
I did not get any contribution to this newsletter and I hope that some of you will find the time to have something to say for our January newsletter (or maybe have some party pictures...).

Ah well, I wish you all a very happy New Year 2001 and great holidays!
Thank you for your help and support.

Best wishes!

Please do not hesitate to send any question, suggestion, criticism.
If you have some links to suggest, please let us know!
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