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Newsletter 10 , September 2000


1. news
2. one year already!
3. reaching out: planning a campaign
4. writers badly needed
5. a personal note from Chantal

1. News:

*** IDC is one year old! We are now close to 200 members, in 15 countries. But more needs to be done!

*** We are preparing 2 campaigns: one to raise membership, and one to reach out to institutions teaching textile arts, costume, fashion, etc.
WEE NEED YOUR HELP for these campaigns to be successful. Please read § 3 and 4 carefully.

*** A new "press release" is available from the site:
or download it in Acrobat pdf format:

*** The documentary Channel East (UK) filmed earlier this year is being broadcasted at several different times between August 30 and September 5.

*** Chantal Boulanger has 2 engagements (on saris) at the Nehru Centre, 8 South Audley Street, London W1:
- An informal talk and short demonstration on Oct. 12th, at 11 am.
- A lecture with demonstration on Nov. 1st, at 6:45 pm.

*** The international magazine "Costume" will, in one of its next issues, have an article on saris and draped clothes.

*** If you know or participate in an event, web site, etc. connected with draping, please let us know. This "news" feature is yours!

2. One year already:

You probably noticed that there was no newsletter in August: we were all either busy or on vacation... Ah well... But with September comes a new year for IDC. Yes. We were created in September 1999. We are coming close to 200 members in 15 countries! The largest number of members in one country is in the USA, and now IDC is physically present there with IDC-USA. Next in number of members comes India.
Yet, the art of draping is still in limbo. So much needs to be done. There is still no institution interested in research or study or draped clothes.

3. Reaching out: planning a campaign...

The more members we are, the easiest it will be to reach our goals. To have weight, we need many, many more members! If you have any idea on programs aimed at increasing membership, please tell us about it. It is important that we celebrate this 1st anniversary by a membership campaign. We will let you know of all your suggestions.

It is essential to open the eyes and raise the interest of any institution connected with textile arts, costumes, fashion, etc. about draping techniques and the importance of studying draped clothes.
For this reason, IDC will start a campaign aimed art, fashion and costume schools, as well as universities teaching history of costume, textile art, fashion, etc.
At first:
Please enquire to see which institution near where you live (or you know of) should be interested, try to find out THE NAMES AND EXACT ADDRESSES (and if possible Email too) of people responsible.
Email this information to
If you want, it would be GREAT if you could get in touch with these people yourself. We will prepare a package to help you do this. Otherwise just give us as much info as you can, and we will get in touch with them.

4. Writers badly needed:

We will need press releases and documents explaining our aims and the necessity to research and study draped clothes. If you feel like helping, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. So far Chantal has done all the writing, but she is a scientist, not a writer (besides her mother tongue in French...). She would be really happy to get help from better writers and anyone having a good marketing experience. <>

5. A personal note from Chantal:

I recently went to see Baroness Shreela Flather (an active member of the House of Lords who wears saris). She has a most wonderful collection of saris, many of them old and really museum pieces. She told me about her wish to donate some of these to an institution which would put them to good use, like displaying them WELL DRAPED. Unfortunately, she hasn't found one institution studying saris, or any place where she feels her saris would be put to good use. I told her that at this time IDC was not quite up to it, but that I am hoping that in a near future we will team with some institution to start the study of draped clothes, and that this would probably be the best place for her saris.
This highlighted the need for some institutional support. I am planning to do some more initiatives this month (I'll let you know when they are successful...), and I hope some of you will have ideas too.
I feel very frustrated that still no institution takes draped clothes seriously. I have revised the press release accordingly. I am also in the process of making some documentation about the need to research draped clothes and study draping techniques. I would be happy if some of you would help me in this task. We need to make something really compelling.
Thank you for your help and support.

Best wishes!

Please do not hesitate to send any question, suggestion, criticism.
If you have some links to suggest, please let us know!
If you wish to write something for the newsletter, please do so and Email it to <>.

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